What size castles do we need?

This is usually the first question that comes to mind when hiring inflatable equipment. We therefore recommend that the desired area of the garden / hall is measured accurately. As a general guide, fence panels are about 6ft wide.

How much access do we need?

Inflatable’s come in all shapes and sizes. It is therefore very important that there is adequate accessibility to the property / venue. As a guide, a minimum clearance of 2.5ft-3ft (0.75m) is required. This may mean that, for example, dustbins, bikes, garden tools etc may need to be moved beforehand. This will ensure a quick and safe delivery of the inflatable.

Do I need to make any special preparations to the inflatable site?

As a general rule this is not necessary. A flat surface free of sharp objects will be fine. If you intend to trim your lawn before the event it would be helpful to do this a few days prior. This will stop grass cuttings being walked on to the castle which keeps it cleaner while the inflatables are in use.

What about my pets?

We all love our pets and they seem to like bouncy castles too. To avoid damage to the equipment, please ensure pets are kept away from the inflatable at all times. This will limit the temptation for pets to chew corners or jump on the inflatable with their sharp claws. Pet mess is also a hazard as it can contain the harmful parasite called ‘Toxocara’, the eggs of which can survive in the soil for several years. If they are ingested or inhaled by humans, they may cause blindness, liver, brain and respiratory problems such as asthma, hepatitis and epilepsy. Children are at most risk. Please ensure that areas are clear of pet mess as this is a service we do not provide for.

Can adults use the inflatables?

Where equipment is for children only please ensure that children only use the equipment. This includes children up to the age of 12 years old. It will be specifically designed for children’s use and is only insured for children to use. There is no exception for adults to use the equipment, only to retrieve a very young child from the castle unless adult inflatable play equipment has been hired. In this instance children and adults are able to use that specific piece of equipment. This ensures Health and Safety guidelines are adhered to as per our terms and conditions.

If damage results from adult use, the cost of repair or replacement will be recouped from the hirer.